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Special Report Transcript Episode 78, Section 2, Time 07:12

The one man who seemed prepared to go further than denials was Rubin Marx. Marx is an old style policeman who was also part of the interrogation team. // The deceased Mr Biko did not like being told to get up when Siebert told him he must get up when he speak to me in my office. I thought that I was simply superfluous there, there was nothing that I could do, that I would leave and go do some research and that when my turn came that I could confront the man with something constructive. I wouldn’t’ ask him things I didn’t know about. So, I went to fetch Mr Biko’s file. When I came back I heard Siebert speaking very loudly and I heard a scuffle and a noise in the office. I opened the door and I saw a scuffle going on. Well, my duty as a fellow policeman – Beneke was on the one side and Siebert was on the other – and I grabbed hold of Biko around his body, around his waist, and there was a scuffle and we were against the bars and the whole lot of us collapsed. And he was lying on his stomach. And after a while that he lay on his stomach Siebert said ”Niewoudt and Beneke, pick him up.” When they picked him up I saw that this man was a little bit stunned.

Notes: Rubin Marx (Amnesty Applicant)

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