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Special Report Transcript Episode 79, Section 6, Time 52:54

For us as a team it symbolized committing ourselves to reconciliation, the fact that we’ve come in, the fact that we work with the TRC on a frequent basis, we are also committed to reconciling South Africa as a whole. But what’s the symbol behind it from the TRC’s perspective? // Well for us it’s a wonderful experience that you have become part of the TRC family in a very special way and have come to put down your names on the register. We do hope that thousands upon thousands of South Africans of all walks of life, of all the different communities will do this, because in a sense this is a way of owning the process of the TRC and also to commit themselves to future reconciliation. Thank you for coming, this is a wonderful gesture. // Alright we thank you. // Thanks.

Notes: Benedict Moteau; Piet Meiring (TRC Committee Member)

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