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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 2 of Episode 8

01:22Siphiwo Mtimkulu was the charismatic leader of the Congress of Students in Port Elizabeth in 1980. In May 1981 he was detained by the security police and only released five months later. // He admitted that he was ill. I wanted to know what was wrong with him. He stated that he had an excruciating pain in the stomach. He stated that his feet are always cold and they are swollen. He says the lower limbs are always swollen. He showed me and I also could see that he was swollen, and you could feel there seems to be no circulation. I asked what was wrong with you, what happened to you? He stated that it was a very long story. I was hurt to see my son in this condition. And he also mentioned that he was ill treated severely. He even said, the Boers have finished me, I am totally finished. There is nothing that you can do about me. Because Niewoudt and Van Rensburg, Du Preez and his team; Danster who always played karate on my child, were the people who are responsible for Siphiwo’s ...moreFull Transcript and References
03:27In fact, it was established that Siphiwo was poisoned with Thallium. // This is Siphiwo’s hair. This is the scalp attached to the hair. That person is not at home. We all know that if you cut a person’s hair you don’t cut the scalp. But I wanted today to see the Commission that we have his hair together with the scalp attached to the hair. I want the Commission to witness what I’ve brought here today, so that they know the effect of the poison which was used to my son. Full Transcript
04:14Former Vlakplaas commander Dirk Coetzee was supposed to testify this week, but he was prevented by legal technicalities. This is what he would have told the Commission. // Nick van Rensburg and his men poisoned him upon release, poisoned him and apparently he did not add enough poison according to Brigadier Jan du Preez, who explicitly told me later on that he was poisoned, that he was paralysed, that he ended up in Groote Schuur hospital where they detected what type of poison it was. Mtimkulu was killed eventually by the Eastern Cape security branch. // How do you know that? // It was told to me by Brigadier Jan du Preez. // How was he killed? // I don’t know the exact manner, but his vehicle was left near the Lesotho border to give the impression that he fled the country. Him and his chauffeur.Full Transcript and References
05:12Colonel Gideon Niewoudt, one of the policemen mentioned by Joyce Mtimkulu was one of the men who stalled earlier attempts to get Mtimkulu’s story before the Truth Commission. His legal counsellor, Dup de Bruyn tried in vain to address the Truth Commission. // We furthermore delivered to Bishop Tutu last night a letter which deals with this and asked him to read it out this morning. He refrained from doing so. I therefore also wanted to ask the Commission that when they get a letter from an attorney, that says that certain policemen were going to ask for amnesty, that it is read out or reference is made to that. But when we ask them to put something straight, the record straight, then they refrain from doing so. To us that is not the even handedness that was promised by the Truth Commission. Furthermore, not withstanding what the full bench of the Western Cape held in their judgement yesterday, the problem that we have, and that is why we wanted just this opportunity this morning ...moreFull Transcript
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