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Special Report Transcript Episode 8, Section 2, Time 04:14

Former Vlakplaas commander Dirk Coetzee was supposed to testify this week, but he was prevented by legal technicalities. This is what he would have told the Commission. // Nick van Rensburg and his men poisoned him upon release, poisoned him and apparently he did not add enough poison according to Brigadier Jan du Preez, who explicitly told me later on that he was poisoned, that he was paralysed, that he ended up in Groote Schuur hospital where they detected what type of poison it was. Mtimkulu was killed eventually by the Eastern Cape security branch. // How do you know that? // It was told to me by Brigadier Jan du Preez. // How was he killed? // I don’t know the exact manner, but his vehicle was left near the Lesotho border to give the impression that he fled the country. Him and his chauffeur.

Notes: Dirk Coetzee interviewed

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a farm near Pretoria used as a base for police hit squads
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