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Special Report Transcript Episode 86, Section 5, Time 50:30

Van Zyl’s gangsters were supposed to murder Justice Minister Dullah Omar, then an activist lawyer outside his house in Athlone. The job proved too much for the combined efforts of two gangsters, Van Zyl and Ferdi Barnard and they gave up. This week Van Zyl agreed with prosecutor Anton Ackermann’s observation that South Africa was fortunate the CCB was so bad at its job. And then he walked back to his new respectable life. Another of the three friends’ names litters the Ferdi Barnard charge sheet. Callas Botha, the CCB’s man in the Transvaal is named in the Webster murder charge, the Dullah Omar attempted murder, the attempted murder of a young activist, burning the car of another and blowing up a policeman’s car in the hope that APLA would be blamed for it. But Callas Botha has not been called to testify, nor has he been arrested. This week, after vetting our questions and checking with his lawyer he gave his theory about why he is still a free man.

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