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MAVUSO, Selby (aka 'Bab')

Age 24

An MK operative who was abducted from Matola, Mozambique, by SADF Special Forces on 30 January 1981. He was handed over to members of the Security Branch, who tried unsuccessfully to recruit him as an askari. When all attempts failed, Vlakplaas operatives took him to a spot near Komatipoort, Transvaal, where he was shot dead and his body burnt. The commander of Vlakplaas was granted amnesty for the killing, while a Vlakplaas askari was granted amnesty for his role in the attempt to recruit Mr Mavuso (AC/2000/163 and AC/2001/279).

... remaining nine bodies could not be established. Majova’s remains have now been reburied by his family in Potchefstroom. Patrick Motswaletswale (aka Barry C Maputo) Age unknown; ANC/MK. Magic Madi Age unknown; ANC/MK. Both killed 12 June 1983; exhumed 18 March 1998 at Sekoto cemetery, ...
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