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Age 57

Was injured when members of APLA carried out an attack on the Highgate Hotel, East London, on 1 May 1993. Five people were killed and several others injured. See APLA attacks.

which political organisation did that, if ever it was one. 411 Mr Neville Beling [EC0167/96ELN], Mr Karl Andrew Weber [EC0035/96ELN] and Ms Doreen Rousseau [EC0052/96ELN] were permanently disabled as a result of the attack. Mr Deric John Whitfield [EC0101/96ELN] was one of five people killed. Ms ...
... think it’s an indication, from what you see here, she has lived through this every day of her life for the last twenty-five years. 42 Ms Doreen Rousseau was shot and injured during an attack on the Highgate Hotel in 1993. At the second East London hearing, she described the lingering effects ...
... John Whitfield [EC0101/96ELN] and Mr Boyce Michael Wheeler [EC0729/96ELN], and from those who were injured: Mr Karl Weber [EC0035/96ELN], Ms Doreen Rousseau [EC0052/96ELN], Mr Neville Beling [EC0167/96ELN] and Mr Nkosinathi Alfred Gontshi [EC0196/96ELN]. 484 Members of APLA who applied for ...
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