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A-Team (Chesterville, Durban)

The Chesterville A-Team, a state-sponsored vigilante group composed of Inkatha supporters, was set up by the Security Branch in 1985 in Chesterville, Durban, to counter the activities of the UDF, COSAS and other civic organisations in the area. Political tensions between UDF supporters and members of the Chesterville A-Team frequently resulted in attacks against UDF and ANC supporters.

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As far as I can remember, the following terrorists who were trained abroad were arrested and questioned by myself of the Investigating team. Peter Jacobs, Ashley Forbes, Anwar Dramat, Tony Yengeni, Gary Kruse, Niclo Pedro and Alan Mamba.
MR MOSIANE: Chairperson, I'm talking about my own team. There were about more than two teams in Josini. We were all called back to Vlakplaas. When I speak about us arriving at Vlakplaas, I'm talking about my own team, which drove in a kombi, which the team leader was Sam Radebe.
"Why then are people like Desmond Tutu then taking shots at you through the football team saying it should be disbanded?"
MR RICHARD: What were the functions of the Mandela United Football Team?
BISHOP STOREY: Mr Naidoo was, very, very strongly, asked to explain how it was that he dared to come here with a member of the football team. Now, we later discovered, although he didn’t acknowledge it then at all, that he had attempted to get Mrs Mandela to attend this meeting, but she had ...
MR BAKER: I was a Captain in the South African Police, second in command of Section C1, Vlakplaas. I was visiting our operational team in Durban, who were based in the facility near Amanzimtoti from which the teams were operating. The team fell under the command of the South African Police ...
MR NESAMARI: As far as I am concerned as a member of the team which was investigating there was information which was brought to the office although I couldn't remember where the information was coming from, but it's the directives which were received that there is information which is linking the ...
MR RICHARD: Now, the soccer team was formed and an arrangement was arrived at whereby soccer boots, soccer jerseys, pants, socks and all the rest of the equipment were to be bought and the team came into existence, is that not correct?
"From these arrests a chain reaction of arrests resulted. As a result of the incidents which happened prematurely, I accompanied Gen Steyn to Pretoria for appraisal and instruction. It was decided to form a National Investigation team."
MR BENNETTS: Ma'am, there were certain of the chaps, I remember one house for example, more or less at the corner of, it is not actually on the corner, at the intersection if I can put it that way, of Road 8 and Road 12 if I am not mistaken, I cannot recall the surname, but one of the guys from ...
And that I should get together a team to actually plan the
A team consisting of the four persons that I appear for, was
MR PHOSA: I want you to go back - I have reasons why I ask you these questions, I tried to have as clear the question of secrecy to understand each other on the basis that as between you - your team in the Eastern Cape and the politicians, there was general understanding that there would secrecy on ...
And could you just briefly describe - just very briefly, because we're not dealing with that incident at the moment. --- Mr Chairman, about three nights after the Sasol Secunda plant was blown up by - allegedly by ANC insurgents, I led a four-man team into Manzini, Swaziland, on instruction of ...
MR BOKABA: Yes, they would investigate but let me explain it this way. There was a special task team which was stationed in Mamelodi police station. That special task team was working directly to investigate those kinds of incidents. Security branch was not part and parcel of the investigative ...
MR McPHERSON: During the week before we left for London, it was the last week in February '82, we as a team went to Daisy, that is our espionage training farm outside Pretoria.
MR HAUPTFLEISCH: Was it standard at that time that you would go to these interrogations as almost a team?
MR RICHARD: After the supposed disbanding of the football team sometime in April and May 1987, what went on?
MR MEYER:: As you took charge of the investigation who was the other, if I can call them team members, of the investigation team?
ADV ERASMUS: Were you part of the interrogation team?
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