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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967

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The evidence given by Mr Thamsanqa Buthelezi to the effect that he was a member of APLA and knew Monde Hadebe to be an APLA cadre does not take the matter any further - he was not in a position to give any evidence relating to the Witbank incident.
MR STEENKAMP: Sir, what was the policy of APLA or the PAC at that stage, only to kill, to kill people, unarmed people, or what exactly, how did you understand, what was the policy of APLA or the PAC at that stage, regarding this struggle you were fighting?
... sent me to detention barracks because "ek was die hardegat". So when I was in the detention barracks, that is where I got even time to read about APLA material, as much as the PAC itself. So when I went out of detention barracks I was welcomed back to the unit that I served in, that is 97 ...
It is common cause that Applicant was a member of the PAC at the time of this incident. He was on loan from the logistics unit of APLA, where he held a fairly high profile position. This incident occurred in the course of the conflicts of the past as required by the Act.
CHAIRPERSON: ...that is that I was today handed a letter addressed to the Amnesty Committee, apparently written on behalf of either APLA combatants or Africanists Prisoners Unity, I'm not quite sure, which the tone of the letter was to complain that TRC does not treat APLA members fairly, it does ...
He also stated that he had heard from Vusi that Basie Tladi was an informer and that the decision to kill Basie Tladi was taken by himself. He had not received any specific order. He as a commander was guided by the 15 points of attention which constituted APLA's code of conduct.
CHAIRPERSON: Was the money to be used for your organisation, APLA?
MR COETZER: Mr Khumalo, why did you then tell us that you met Mr Makwara the 23rd of February 1992 and that he recruited you there, not for APLA but for the PAC?
... and their homes. Soon after this he was sent to the then Transkei for basic training under the auspices of the Azanian Peoples Liberation Army ("APLA"). After a short stay at eFolweni in KwaZulu Natal he was deployed in ...
MR SANDI: Elsewhere in the document you mention that you were trained in the camp as a member of APLA.
MR PRIOR: Thank you Mr Chairman. Mr Makoala when did you join APLA?
MR TUIS: He's a member of APLA.
was done by the applicants was indeed in line with the PAC policy and APLA. That's what I wanted to say.
... the applicants have complied with the requirements of Section 20, sub-section 1 and sub-section 2, that they were quite clearly acting on behalf of Apla a publicly known political organisation and liberation movement which was engaged in political struggle against the State at that time. ...
MR MBANDAZAYO: I'll repeat it. Is it also correct that you left the country in October 1976 and you joined APLA in Botswana?
confirmed that the attack was the first operation carried out by the Gauteng Special Operations structure and that the operatives were members of an Apla unit under his command. He stated unequivocally that no members of the ANC were involved in the operation and that the members of the relevant ...
... relevant to this application. In this context it is important to mention that Xuma testified that criminals were also targeted for recruitment by APLA, because of their "skills" and lack of fear to act when given orders to do so. But Duma says he was not aware of the previous convictions of ...
... nothing to gainsay to say they were not members of PAC at the time and Chairperson, I want also to put on record that there is a difference between APLA and Task Force. A very big difference. Members of APLA were properly trained members and it took them some time when they undergo training and ...
... and repossession was save that in case of repossession the proceeds would have to be handed over to the Commander to the used for the purpose of ...
The applicant's evidence was that he was a member of the Pan African Congress. He later joined APLA, the military wing of the said organisation, whilst he was in exile. In January 1993 he was given orders by the APLA commander, Sabelo Pama, to infiltrate the country and to prosecute the armed ...
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