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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967

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into some ditch or mud. They told us that they would attend to us later, and to be honest, even the police from Port St Johns were afraid of these APLA guys. When we reported this matter, they told us that they would come back later to us, they first had to attend to this Guleni matter that had ...
2. that they had acted under orders of APLA;
Although they did not act on the orders or instructions of APLA or PAC on that day, they believed they owed loyalty to the same cause.
Dr Treurnicht said without ambiguity that communism in South Africa is very much alive and that the CP's mobilisation against the ANC/SACP/APLA challenge, will be coordinated and will involve resistance where necessary for freedom, volk and fatherland".
1. Nobody of APLA or the PAC testified on behalf of the applicants and there was no independent evidence to show that the applicants were indeed supporters or members of APLA or that Monde Radebe was a commander of an APLA unit. Although they made reference to having been members of a so-called ...
Furthermore the weapons which were in the possession of the applicants, like the Chinese stick grenade were weapons not easily available to persons who were outside the lop of the Liberation Movements like APLA or MK and as the applicants have averred, were weapons that belonged to APLA.
The Committee is further satisfied that everything was done in pursuance of the goal and objectives of PAC of which APLA is the armed force.
APLA as a military formation of the PAC has already made a comprehensive submission to the Commission on the objective for the establishment of this unit and its operations which accord with the testimony of the applicant.
... There can be no doubt that the military government of Holomisa at the time was seen to be less than enthusiastic to act against members of MK and APLA in the territory. It is also well known that the relations between the authorities in the Republic of South Africa and Holomisa soured to the ...
MR MTHEMBU: Were you also a member of its military wing, APLA?
"He is a member of the Pan Africanist Congress, he had knowledge about the task force which was, which is a unit of Apla, he was problematic or troublesome. We were not able to identify his movements, he use to walk on foot, he did not meet people even when he went to Lesotho, he was always alone. ...
MR MBANDAZAYO: Do you know what APLA stands for?
... Mr Smit. I indicated to him nevertheless that this matter as in the case of the other matters would be postponed to hear evidence from the PAC or APLA High Command, and he indicated that at that stage he my well have been properly instructed and my appear at that stage, but that decision would ...
MR TSHOANE: I would say that because in many instances, according to the information we gathered, gathered by members of APLA and PAC, the AWB used to assemble in that place.
MR MBANDAZAYO: Just for the benefit of the Committee, Mr Chairman the Deputy Director of Operations in APLA was Sipho Bulelani Xuma.
... took us, there were 26 of us, and we were taken to Nelspruit. On our arrival there, we were informed about our enemies who were ANC, SACP, UDF and APLA as well as Umkhonto weSizwe. It was explained that these were our enemies and as the Military and the Police, we should fight against these. ...
MR NOTUNUNU: Now, Mr Nyembezi, I understand that there were claims which were made by the then President De Klerk, when he justified those killings of those innocent, sleeping children by the South African military forces on the ground, that the house in question was an APLA base, do you know that?
... that when he carried out the operations he acted as a bona fide member of a liberation movement, the PAC, and acted on behalf of its military wing, ...
The Applicant acted as a guard for the rest of the unit which was essentially a repossession unit of APLA.  Whilst they were robbing the shop, the owner of the shop, Joao Jardim, was also shot and killed during the operation.  The unit took an amount of R3 000.00.  While fleeing, the attacker ...
The evidence given by Mr Thamsanqa Buthelezi to the effect that he was a member of APLA and knew Monde Hadebe to be an APLA cadre does not take the matter any further - he was not in a position to give any evidence relating to the Witbank incident.
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