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a former guerrilla 'turned' or recruited by the security forces

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version of a clinical and clean execution. Somewhere between these extremes is the story told by two black operatives of the Vlakplaas squad. Former askari Kimpani Mogoai and policeman Johannes Koole are asking for amnesty for the abduction and assault of the Pebco Three. Their commander, Roelf ...
... overnight. They were removed from the outbuilding one by one for interrogation and this is where the story starts to diverge. Joe Mamasela, an askari who was involved in this operation, sings a completely different song to all the other amnesty applicants. He says the men were removed and ...
... that Phila was in actual fact a hero; I’m feeling very good about that, because we were misled as to, we were told that Phila turned to be an askari, which now we know that was not true. So, we are happy that we know that Phila is in this cemetery. Whenever we want to come and make contact ...
Vlakplaas, until recently the base of the police counter-insurgency unit. For 13 years Vlakplaas killed and assassinated anti-apartheid activists. In May 1985 an askari, a former ANC guerrilla that was turned by the security police, received an instruction from his commander.
... Soweto youngster, Lolo Sono sat in the audience. So too did the mother of Stompie Seipei. This time they were joined by the family of murdered askari, Johannes Themba Mabotha, who it was claimed was Winnie’s lover. The former commander of Vlakplaas, Eugene de Kock, who described Winnie as ...
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