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a former guerrilla 'turned' or recruited by the security forces

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... ‘Bohlokho’ means pain and for the Moema family, as painful as his death, is the fact that his honour is tainted, that he is referred to as an askari, as an ANC cadre who willingly walked to the other side. In truth he, together with the brothers Johannes and Chris Mnisi, were on a mission ...
... to go and work at Fortis, at the head office and he didn’t want people to run away from him. Brian was a family friend; he was not just a fellow askari. He was more than that. He was a family friend, I knew him extremely well. You know, he was frail; he drank too much, the whole exposure into ...
... to Pietermaritzburg. The people who sold her out were comrades. Her abductors: four men in the South African Police. Their aim: to turn her into an askari through torture. Ndwandwe refused. They killed her and buried her body on Elandskop Dairy Farm in ...
overbearing father figure. His sensitive nature was often at odds with the violent deeds he was expected to carry out, like the murder of an unknown ...
... the South African Security Police, so my interrogators were members of the South African Police. During one period, I remember, they brought in an askari by the name of Glory Sidebe; it was not an interrogating session, they just brought him there to show me that here, one of your ANC persons ...
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