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a former guerrilla 'turned' or recruited by the security forces

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askari. It was the first time that I had seen that
MR HATTINGH: Now Johannes Mabotha was also an askari who was at Vlakplaas for a while?
MR HATTINGH: Now Johannes Mabotha was also an askari who was at Vlakplaas for a while?
want to put it clearly that at the time of his arrest he was not related to the Stompie Seipei matter but was arrested because he had deserted as an Askari and because there was a suspicion that he had been involved with certain illegal actions. After his arrest I found certain documents which ...
have important information and you also had the objective of turning him in order for him to cooperate with you, you also wanted to make him into an askari. As the person who would have taken the final decision about this, why did you yourself not hold all those interviews with ...
CHAIRPERSON: Before you go onto that, can you tell us what an Askari is?
MR PRINSLOO: During my interrogation of Mandla who had then been identified as Justice Mbizana, he told me that he was prepared to offer his full co-operation. From the perspective, or I approached him from the perspective of becoming a potential askari, however I did not put this to him.
... September 1985, Warrant Officer Nortje visited me in my office. I cannot recall whether he informed me upon that occasion of the plan to send an askari in order to attempt to obtain information from Japie Maponya. I suspect that I was aware of the plan ...
ADV BOSMAN: Why were you so conciliatory towards Mr Sedibe? Did you want to recruit him as an askari, what was your motivation for being so accommodating?
MR SNYMAN: What was said was that there was an Askari who had caused trouble there and that we would be further informed by Mr Nieuwoudt whilst we were journeying down to Port Elizabeth.
... with the planning of an operation to eliminate a person identified as being a member of the Pan Africanist Congress. He had been identified by an askari informer, operating in the Durban ...
... and raises several other issues. The first relates to our knowledge of Vlakplaas operations. We know that Vlakplaas operations are dealt with by Askaris from what we have and also from what weve heard on the proceedings around this case. The Askaris were planted or were sent to be ...
MR MWELASE: I was employed as an askari up until January 1991, employed by the Security Branch.
MR JOHNSON: At some stage you were also then recruited by the Internal Security Unit known as Askari, is that correct?
... of the ...(indistinct) Security Branch. A safehouse used by trained MK cadres infiltrating from Swaziland, had been identified in kwaMashu. An askari, Jimmy Mbane, posing as an MK cadre had infiltrated the facility which was run by an old woman, unknown to me. Members of her family were ...
... there and in what kind or organisational structure were they organised? --- There were a few ANC cadres, so-called turned ANC cadres, called askaris, about eight to 10 of them when I arrived there. They were based at the farm as a place where they could stay in safety, because the police ...
CHAIRPERSON: As far as you can remember, Col De Kock did not make any mention of an Askari?
Ook wat bekend staan as Askaris korrek?
MR VAN HEERDEN: Wasn't there any possibility of recruiting him, for example as an askari?
... where I arrived at approximately 17h00 on that day. Upon my arrival, my Commanding Officer was already present, together with approximately 15 askaris, who were briefed and informed of the specific plan to arrest Mr Jonas. The plan was that myself, Mr Yengeni and one askari will take a ...
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