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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 150

Paragraph Numbers 1 to 4

Volume 3

Chapter 2

Subsection 36


Statistics on Violations in the Eastern Cape


1 The pattern of violations in the region covered by the East London office is similar to the national picture, with death by shooting being the most common killing violation:

2 Shooting accounted for most of the killings, followed by beating to death and then stabbing. This differs from the national pattern where stabbing was the the second most common cause of death.. Unlike other regions, necklacing was amongst the top eight causes of death in the East London region.

3 As in all other regions except Durban, beatings and incarceration were the most commonly reported severe ill treatment violations, followed by shootings. Arson and destruction of property were the next most common type of severe ill treatment.

4 East London reflects the national trend, showing beating to be the most common form of torture. Suffocation was more common here than in the other three regions, reaching second place. Mental torture and torture by forced postures were also more common than electric shocking.

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