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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 3, Chapter 2

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Overview of the region 341 to 5Read
Subsection 21960-1975: Overview of violations 366 to 14 Read
Subsection 3Torture 3815 to 27 Read
Subsection 4Deaths and disappearances in custody / After-effects of torture 4128 to 47 Read
Subsection 5Banishment / Ill treatment of families 4448 to 60Read
Subsection 6Resistance and revolutionary groupings 4861 to 69 Read
Subsection 7Resistance and revolutionary groupings continued 5070 to 82 Read
Subsection 8Resistance and revolutionary groupings continued5483 to 96 Read
Subsection 91976-1982: Overview of violations 5897 to 109Read
Subsection 101976-1982: Overview of violations continued 61110 to 119Read
Subsection 11Torture in custody / Deaths in custody63120 Read
Subsection 12Torture in custody / Deaths in custody continued 66120 Read
Subsection 13Vigilantes/ Resistance and revolutionary groupings / Unions 68121 to 128Read
Subsection 14MK actions and state response 71129 to 141Read
Subsection 151983-1989: Overview of violations / State and allied groupings - Public order policing 77142 to 150 Read
Subsection 16The Ciskei bus boycott and the railway station shootings: 198380151 to 170 Read
Subsection 17The Langa massacre: 21 March 1985 85170 to 192 Read
Subsection 18Aliwal North shootings: August 1985 90193 to 204 Read
Subsection 19‘Trojan Horse’ killings: Despatch, Uitenhage and Steynsburg 93205 to 217Read
Subsection 20Resistance groupings and counter-mobilisation UDF–AZAPO clashes: Port Elizabeth, 1985–86 96218 to 232Read
Subsection 21UDF–Peacemaker clashes: Uitenhage, 1985–86 99233 to 248 Read
Subsection 22Covert military intelligence operations: Somerset East and Cookhouse 103249 to 259Read
Subsection 23Vigilantes in Ciskei 106260 to 270Read
Subsection 24The case of Phinda Baartman 109271 to 276Read
Subsection 25Cradock112277 to 293 Read
Subsection 26The ‘Cradock Four’ / The ‘PEBCO Three’ /The Motherwell bomb /Armed activity by liberation movements 116294 to 314 Read
Subsection 271990–1994: Overview of violations 122315 to 325 Read
Subsection 28The battle for homelands / The Gqozo coup in Ciskei /The Duli coup attempt in Transkei 125326 to 337 Read
Subsection 29The deaths of Sebe and Guzana 128338 to 347 Read
Subsection 30The deaths of Sebe and Guzana continued 132348 to 357 Read
Subsection 31Attacks on security force members 135358 to 367 Read
Subsection 32The Bisho massacre 136368 to 385 Read
Subsection 33The Bisho massacre continued 140386 to 399Read
Subsection 34Violence in the wake of Chris Hani’s assassination /Attacks on soft targets: APLA’s ‘Operation Great Storm’: 1991–94 145400 to 407 Read
Subsection 35Attacks on soft targets: APLA’s ‘Operation Great Storm’: 1991–94 continued 147408 to 418 Read
Subsection 36Nature of violations 1501 to 4 Read
Subsection 37Victim organisations 1515 to 8Read
Subsection 38Perpetrator organisations 1529 to 16 Read
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