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Attempted coup in Umtata, Transkei

On 22 November 1990, Colonel Craig Duli, a former member of the Transkei military council, led a coup attempt against Bantu Holomisa's Transkei military government with the support of members of the SA security forces. A group of heavily armed men attacked the Transkei Defence Force's Ncise base outside Umtata. By the end of the day, at least 15 men were dead, including Duli himself.

This episode focuses on the HRV Committee hearings held in Umtata between 18 and 20 June and in George from 18 to 19 June. Segments include the 22 November 1990 attempted coup in the Transkei - supported by SA Military Intelligence - which left 19 people dead; testimony from Teddy Williams, a ...
... for himself. // This is Riaan Stander, a Military Intelligence agent during the eighties. He holds a key to the mystery surrounding the attempted coup; who was behind it, and what might have happened on that day in November 1990. ...
On the 23rd of November 1990, Col Craig Duli and his men bombed the Military Garrison in Umtata. General Holomisa and troops royal to him were ready for them. The general was warned of the attempted coup. // They were ambushed. They were collected from the Air Force detachment base. They were ...
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