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Official documents produced by the TRC, including transcripts of human rights violations hearings, amnesty hearings, reparations workshops, and special hearings, as well as amnesty decisions, submissions made to the TRC, and the 7 volume TRC Final Report.


The list shows the type of document and a description of the document type.


TRC Documents

Document TypeDescription
Amnesty HearingsThis committee handled amnesty applications from perpetrators who made submissions to be considered for amnesty.View All
Amnesty DecisionsJudgements made by the commission which aimed to facilitate reconciliation, institute due compensation and to bring about closure to victims and their families.View All
Human Rights Violation HearingsThis committee investigated gross human rights violations committed between 1960 and 1993. The commission considered the plight of victims and or their relatives and hoped to institute due compensation.View All
Reparation & Rehabilitation WorkshopsThe commission hosted reparations and rehabilitation workshops to assist those affected in dealing with their experiences in a platform that allowed victims and those related to share their stories and carve a way forward with a sense of closure. View All
Special HearingsThe TRC hosted numerous special hearings focusing on particular sectors and institutions' roles in upholding or opposing apartheid.View All
Submissions to the TRCCertain organisations, individuals and companies made submissions with an aim to establish their roles as victims or perpetrators of human rights abuses. View All
TRC Final ReportFull transcripts of amnesty hearings, human rights violation hearings, reparations and rehabilitation workshops and the TRC's final report. View All
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