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How to use the site

This website is divided into the following sections, all of which are browsable and can be accessed through the tabs across the top of each page in the site.

1. Background

This section provides a brief introduction to the TRC process, with links to relevant episodes in the Truth Commission Special Report television series.

2. The TV series

This section contains a chronological, searchable listing of the episodes of the Truth Commission Special Report series, with a brief summary of the contents of each episode. Each episode is listed with the broadcast date and links to a playlist of the episode on Youtube. Each episode listing is also linked to the various sections from that episode and includes a brief description of the content of each section, including time codes, and links to the full transcripts of the dialogue in the section, as well as the relevant section on Youtube.

3. TRC Documents

This section contains searchable copies of official documents produced by the TRC, including transcripts of TRC hearings, TRC amnesty decisions, and volumes of the TRC Report.

4. TRC victims

The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC. The list is numbered in chronological order, and provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury resulting from these politically motivated crimes, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

5. Glossary

The glossary provides a comprehensive listing of names, vernacular terms (in a host of Southern African languages) and significant events discussed in hearings of the TRC.


The Search Function

The real value of this website, however, is the search function that enables users to search across the entire web site simultaneously. The result screen presents you with relevant results from the TV series, the TRC hearing transcripts and decisions, the TRC Final Report, the list of TRC victims, and the glossary. Each set of results is accessible by clicking on the tab for each section that appears at the top of the search results.


The following search conventions are used on the website.

  • Use "inverted commas" to indicate a phrase - for example: "Cradock Four"
  • Because the website draws on materials from different sources, different expressions have been used for dates. When searching for dates of hearings, episodes, event, etc., please use a range of formats to ensure you find all relevant results - e.g. "12 JUNE 1998", "12th Jun 98" or 12/06/1998.
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