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Municipal Police

The Municipal Police force was created to defend black local authorities in townships across the country and to bolster the security forces' efforts to deal with the climate of 'ungovernability' that had gripped the country in the mid-1980s. Approximately 14 000 Municipal Police officers were recruited, trained and deployed in urban and rural towns across the country where unrest was strongest. They rapidly became associated with violations both on and off duty. Between April 1988 and August 1987, Municipal Police members had been charged with crimes including murder, robbery, assault, theft and rape. Known also as 'greenflies', 'greenbeans' or ' amaTshaka ', the Municipal Police were attached to the local authorities, initially falling under the Department of Constitutional Development. In 1989 they were incorporated into the SAP.

... on the activities of white policemen who were hated and feared in the townships, but this week in Grahamstown it was the actions of the black municipal policemen known as kitskonstabels that came under the spotlight. // These municipal police, we know who they are. They were criminals who ...
Derek ‘Mtro’ Mambiso was picked up the police in 1986 for attempting to necklace three young women who had had affairs with municipal policemen. He also testified about ill treatment at the hands of the police. // I would like you telling us your story to emphasise on different ways in which ...
... 20 June 1988 what had happened to the Third Force proposals. The then Commissioner of Police, General de Wit told him that the establishment of the municipal police, the kitskonstabels and the extension of the riot squad did away with the need for another force. We know from the evidence before ...
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