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Piet Retief ambushes

two ambushes by Eastern Transvaal Security Branch and Vlakplaas operatives on ANC and MK members near Piet Retief, Tvl, on 8 and 12 June 1988. On 8 June 1988, a Vlakplaas operative posing as a taxi driver transported four ANC members to a spot where they were ambushed. Weapons were planted in the vehicle to corroborate the operatives' claim that the four had been killed during a shoot-out. Nine Security Branch operatives, including the commander of Vlakplaas , were granted amnesty for the incident. In a similar incident on 12 June 1988, an Eastern Transvaal member of the SAP, posing as a taxi driver, transported four MK operatives to the ambush site. Fifteen Security Branch operatives, including the divisional commander of Eastern Transvaal and of Vlakplaas , were granted amnesty for the incident.

This episode focuses on the HRV Committee hearings held in Nelspruit from 2 to 5 September 1996. Segments include the Piet Retief ambushes ? during which the Vlakplaas death squad killed nine ANC members ? including an interview with a former policeman on duty at the Piet Retief police station the ...
Piet Retief ambushes. Vlakplaas death squad kills nine ANC members.
A very good evening. Nine African National Congress terrorists have been shot dead in separate clashes with the South African Police. Minister of Law and Order, mister Adriaan Vlok, said the terrorists had been instructed by the ANC hierarchy to perpetrate large scale acts of terror in South Africa ...
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