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Reports on findings and recommendations by the TRC based on the cases heard by the commission.


This is a list of the volumes of the TRC Final Report. Volume six is listed in six sections.


TRC Final Reports

Volume 1Introduces the broader issues faced by South Africa during the commission. It highlights the reasons for conducting such a commission, and outlines the approach and methods used to fulfill its mandateView All
Volume 2Is devoted to the commission of gross violations of human rights. It is divided up into two periods: 1960-1990, and a separate chapter on the unique and tempestuous environment of South Africa during its transition years leading up to the first democratic elections in 1994.View All
Volume 3Accompanies the second volume by focusing on gross violations of human rights specifically from the perspective of the victim. (For practical reasons, accounts which are detailed in the one volume are simply referred to in the other.) The regional structure of the commission is reflected in the outline of chapters, allowing for greater focus on the unique socio-political circumstances of particular geographical areas.View All
Volume 4Addresses the broader institutional and social environment within which gross violations of human rights took place in South Africa. This process of self-evaluation aimed at addressing how various sectors would move forward. The volume includes reports on three special hearings: on compulsory military service, children, and youth and women View All
Volume 5Is the final volume of the originally published series of the report. It presents the conclusions reached by the commission, and outlines findings and recommendations based on analysis. It also includes the minority position of Commissioner Wynand Malan and the commission's response to thisView All
Volume 6 Section 1Report of the Amnesty CommitteeView All
Volume 6 Section 2Report of the Reparation and Rehabilitation CommitteeView All
Volume 6 Section 3The Intersection between the work of the Human Rights Violations Committee and the Amnesty CommitteeView All
Volume 6 Section 4Report of the Human Rights Violations CommitteeView All
Volume 6 Section 5Findings and recommendationsView All
Volume 6 Section 6AdministrationView All
Volume 7Published after the original series, and is dedicated to the victims of apartheid, especially those who were willing to come forward and recount their private pain as a part of the national process of healing that defined the TRC. This volume contains a list of names of those victims identified through the TRC process.View All
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