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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 2, Chapter 4

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Overview of violations3251 to 2 Read
Subsection 2The African National Congress (ANC)3263 to 8Read
Subsection 3ANC - Unplanned military operations3279 to 12 Read
Subsection 4ANC - Planned military operations32813 to 22Read
Subsection 5ANC - Planned military operations continued 33023 to 37 Read
Subsection 6ANC - Landmine campaign 33338 to 45 Read
Subsection 7ANC - Killing of individual 'enemies' and 'defectors'33546 to 57 Read
Subsection 8ANC - Operations of uncertain status 33758 to 66Read
Subsection 9ANC - Gross violations of human rights in the context of the 'people's war'33967 to 80 Read
Subsection 10ANC - Gross violations of human rights in the context of the 'people's war' continued34381 to 88Read
Subsection 11ANC - Conflict with 'collaborations' / Political accountability34589 to 97 Read
Subsection 12ANC - Gross violations of human rights committed in ANC ranks and in exile/ Background to human rights violations by the ANC in exile34798 to 109 Read
Subsection 13ANC - Background to human rights violations by the ANC in exile continued 350110 to 123Read
Subsection 14ANC - Cases before this commission: killings352124 to 132 Read
Subsection 15ANC - Cases before this commission: killings continued 354133 to 139Read
Subsection 16ANC - Cases before this commission: killings continued 256140 to 152 Read
Subsection 17ANC - Executions and killings 359153 to 158Read
Subsection 18ANC - Torture 361159 to 173Read
Subsection 19ANC - Torture continued 364174 to 180 Read
Subsection 20The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) - Poqo 367181 to 191 Read
Subsection 21The PAC - Poqo continued 369192 to 202 Read
Subsection 22The PAC Poqo continued371203 to 209 Read
Subsection 23PAC - violations committed by the PAC within its own ranks373210 to 225Read
Subsection 24The Azanian National Liberation Army (AZANLA) / The Mass Democratic Movement (MDM)377226 to 229Read
Subsection 25The MDM continued 379230 to 242Read
Subsection 26The MDM continued / Anti-Black Local Authorities Campaign (Anti-BLA) 382243 to 252Read
Subsection 27Building "People's Organs for Power" / Campaign against vigilantes, Kitskonstabels and Municipal Police 383253 to 264 Read
Subsection 28Attacks on 'informers'386265 to 270 Read
Subsection 29Types of gross human violations by mass movements: Burning and the 'necklace' / Deaths related to political violence and to necklace/burnings387271 to 283 Read
Subsection 30Deaths related to political violence and to necklace/burnings continued 390284 to 292Read
Subsection 31Stabbing / Stoning391293 to 298Read
Subsection 32African National Congress393Listing Read
Subsection 33Pan Africanist Congress397Listing Read
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