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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 2, Chapter 7

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Introduction 5831 to 14Read
Subsection 2Introduction continued 58615 to 29 Read
Subsection 3Security forces 58830 to 42 Read
Subsection 4Security forces: Killings - external killings 59243 to 51 Read
Subsection 5Security forces: Internal killings 59452 to 64 Read
Subsection 6Security forces: Internal killings continued 59765 to 77 Read
Subsection 7Security forces: Raids / Failure to act against perpetrators 60078 to 99Read
Subsection 8Security forces: Provision of weapons to the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)605100 to 114Read
Subsection 9Security forces: Provision of weapons to the IFP continued 608115 to 123Read
Subsection 10Security forces: Involvement in SDUs / Allegations of involvement in train violence611124 to 137 Read
Subsection 11The homelands: Transition and incorporation - historical and political overview613138 to 146Read
Subsection 12Transkei and Ciskei / The Duli coup attempt / 616147 to 163Read
Subsection 13Further coup attempts against Transkei: Operation Abbot / The killing of Charles Sebe and Onward Guzana 619164 to 173Read
Subsection 14Counter-mobilisation: The African Democratic Movement / The Bisho massacre, 7 September 1992 622174 to 185Read
Subsection 15KwaZulu Natal: The IFP, KwaZulu Natal Police (KZP) and the battle for supremacy "KwaZulu" Natal and "Natal" 625186 to 195Read
Subsection 16KZN: The issuing of G-3 rifles and hostel violence 627196 to 204 Read
Subsection 17KZN: Hit squads629205 to 218Read
Subsection 18KZN: Hit squads continued 632219 to 231Read
Subsection 19Train violence / The KwaZulu Police (KZP)636232 to 238 Read
Subsection 20July 1993 to May 1994: resistance and insurrection 638239 to 251 Read
Subsection 21July 1993 to May 1994: resistance and insurrection - Ciskei and Transkei 640252 to 259 Read
Subsection 22The white Right Wing642260 to 273 Read
Subsection 23The white Right Wing continued 645274 to 285 Read
Subsection 24The white Right Wing continued 648286 to 292 Read
Subsection 25The white Right Wing650293 to 307 Read
Subsection 26The white Right Wing continued 653308 to 330Read
Subsection 27The white Right Wing continued 657331 to 348Read
Subsection 28The white Right Wing - sabotage and bombing of strategic targets659349 to 365 Read
Subsection 29The white Right Wing - pre-elction bombings / other targeted attacks662366 to 375 Read
Subsection 30The liberation movements - African National Congress (ANC)666376 to 387 Read
Subsection 31The liberation movements - African National Congress (ANC) continued 668388 to 406 Read
Subsection 32The liberation movements - African National Congress (ANC) continued 672407 to 420 Read
Subsection 33The liberation movements - African National Congress (ANC) continued 675421 to 432Read
Subsection 34The liberation movements - African National Congress (ANC) continued 678433 to 448 Read
Subsection 35The liberation movements - African National Congress (ANC) continued 681449 to 460 Read
Subsection 36The liberation movements - Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) 685461 to 478 Read
Subsection 37The liberation movements - PAC continued 688479 to 496 Read
Subsection 38The 'Third Force' 692497 to 509 Read
Subsection 39The Third Force continued 695510 to 521 Read
Subsection 40The Third Force - surrogate forces / covert structures and activities 699522 to 532 Read
Subsection 41The Third Force - Namibian elections702533 to 541 Read
Subsection 42The Third Force - Namibian elections continued705542 to 548 Read
Subsection 43The Third Force - Namibian elections continued 709549 to 551Read
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