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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 220

Paragraph Numbers Listing

Volume 4

Chapter 7

Subsection 11


1.9.63 Bellington Mampe Worcester Undisclosed
5.9.63 ‘Looksmart’ Ngudle Pretoria ‘Suicide by hanging’
24.1.64 James Tyitya Port Elizabeth ‘Suicide by hanging’
9.9.64 Suliman Saloojee Johannesburg ‘Fell out of window’
Nengeni Gaga Transkei ‘Natural causes’
Pongolosha Hoye Transkei ‘Suicide by hanging’
James Hamakwayo Pretoria ‘Suicide by hanging’
9.10.66 Hangula Shonyeka Pretoria ‘Suicide’
19.11.66 Leong Yun Pin Pretoria ‘Suicide by hanging’
30.11.66 Ah Yan Silverton ‘Suicide by hanging’
9.9.67 Alpheus Maliba Namibia/N. Transvaal ‘Suicide by hanging’
11.9.68 Jundea B Tubakwe Pretoria ‘Suicide by hanging’
5.2.69 Nichodimus Kgoathe Silverton ‘Natural causes’
28.2.69 Solomon Modipane Silverton ‘Natural causes’
10.3.69 James Lenkoe Pretoria ‘Suicide by hanging’
1.6.69 Caleb Mayekiso Port Elizabeth ‘Natural causes’
16.6.69 Michael Shivute Namibia ‘Suicide’
8.9.69 Jacob Monakgotla Pretoria ‘Natural causes’
27.9.69 Imam Abdullah Haron Cape Town ‘Slipped down stairs’; multiple injuries
22.1.69 Mthayeni Cuthsela Transkei ‘Natural causes’
27.10.71 Ahmed Timol Johannesburg ‘Suicide by jumping out of window’
19.3.76 Joseph Mdluli Durban ‘Force to the neck’
25.6.76 William Tshwane Modderbee ‘Shot while trying to escape’
15.7.76 Mapetla Mohape East London ‘Suicide by hanging’
2.9.76 Luke Mazwembe Cape Town ‘Suicide by hanging’
25.9.76 Dumisani Mbatha Modderbee ‘Natural causes’
28.9.76 Fenuel Mogatusi Johannesburg ‘Natural causes’
5.10.76 Jacob Mashabane Johannesburg ‘Suicide by hanging’
9.10.76 Edward Mzolo Johannesburg Cause undisclosed
18.11.76 Ernest Mamasile Transkei ‘Suicide by hanging’
25.11.76 Thabo Mosala Transkei ‘Natural causes’
11.12.76 Wellington Tshazibane Johannesburg ‘Suicide by hanging’
15.12.76 George Botha Port Elizabeth 'Suicide by jumping down stairwell'
9.1.77 Nabaoth Ntshuntsha Leslie 'Suicide by hanging'
20.1.77 Elmon Malele Johannesburg 'Natural causes'
9.1.77 Lawrence Ndzanga Johannesburg 'Natural causes'
15.2.77 Twasifeni Joyi Transkei Undisclosed
15.2.77 Mathews Mabelane Johannesburg ‘Fell out of window’
22.2.77 Samuel Malinga Pietermaritzburg ‘Natural causes’
26.3.77 Aaron Khoza Pietermaritzburg ‘Suicide by hanging’
7.7.77 Phakamila Mabija Kimberley ‘Fell out of window’
2.8.77 Elijah Loza Cape Town ‘Natural causes’
3.8.77 Hoosen Haffejee Durban ‘Suicide by hanging’
15.8.77 Bayempini Mbizi Durban ‘Suicide by hanging’
12.9.77 Stephen Bantu Biko Port Elizabeth Head injuries
7.11.77 Sipho Bonaventura Malaza Krugersdorp ‘Suicide by hanging’
10.7.78 Lungile Tabalaza Port Elizabeth ‘Suicide by jumping out of window’
10.9.80 Saul Ndzumo Transkei ‘Natural causes’
17.9.81 Manana Mgqweto Transkei Unknown
12.11.81 Tshifiwa Muofhe Venda Assault by police
5.2.82 Neil Aggett Johannesburg ‘Suicide by hanging’
8.8.82 Ernest Dipale ‘Suicide by hanging’
8.3.83 Simon Mndawe Nelspruit ‘Suicide by hanging’
5.7.83 Paris Malatji Johannesburg Shot in the head
20.1.84 Samuel Tshikudo Venda ‘Natural causes’
?.6.84 Mxolisi Sipele Transkei Unknown
25.8.84 Ephraim Mthethwa Durban ‘Suicide by hanging’
6.5.85 Andries Raditsela Johannesburg Head injury
24.9.85 Batandwa Ndondo Transkei Shot by police
5.4.86 Makompe Kutumela Lebowa Police assault
11.4.86 Peter Nchabaleng Lebowa Police assault
22.10.86 Xoluso Johannes Jacobs Upington ‘Suicide by hanging’
26.3.87 Benedict Mashoke Burgersfort ‘Suicide by hanging’
24.7.87 Eric Mntonga East London/Ciskei Police assault
29.7.87 Nobandla Elda Bani Port Elizabeth ‘Natural causes’
12.1.88 Sithembele Zokwe Transkei Shot by police
26.8.88 Alfred Makaleng Johannesburg ‘Natural causes’
30.1.90 Clayton Sizwe Sithole Johannesburg ‘Suicide by hanging’
26.3.90 Lucas Tlhotlhomisang Klerksdorp ‘Natural causes’
1.6.90 Donald Thabela Madisha Potgietersrus ‘Suicide by hanging’

Note: Only deaths in detention under security legislation are recorded on this list. Hilda Bernstein11 notes that, in February 1977, the Minister of Police stated in Parliament that 130 people had died in police custody during 1976. Of these, thirteen were political detainees held in terms of security legislation.

10 This list includes such names as are known to the Commission. See also Hilda Bernstein, No 46 - Steve Biko, IDAF, London, 1978; Human Rights Commission, Deaths in Detention: Fact Paper FP7, Johannesburg, August 1990. 11 Bernstein (1978) page 150.
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