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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 20

Volume 5

Chapter 1

Subsection 9

Severely beaten BEATING Badly or severely beaten, or beaten for a long period. Victim may be hit, kicked, punched, twisted, specifying part of the body (for example, feet, face, head, genitals, breasts), or object used (for example, sjambok, baton, gun/rifle, stick, rope, whip, plank, wall), specifying if the victim is pregnant.
Injured by burning BURNING Injured by burning with fire, petrol, chemical, scalding, but not necklacing or petrol bomb (See below), specifying body part if burning is localised.
Injured by poison, drugs or chemicals CHEMICALS Poisoned or injured by poison, drugs, household substance (for example, bleach or drain cleaner).
Injured in an explosion EXPLOSION Injured by a bomb or explosives, but not petrol bomb. Explosives include dynamite, landmine, limpet mine, car bomb, hand grenade, plastic explosives, detonator, booby-trap, letter bomb, parcel bomb, special device (e.g. booby-trapped walkman).
Psychological or mental ill treatment MENTAL Severe psychological, mental or emotional ill treatment, for example by simulated execution (includes Russian roulette), degradation (includes use of excrement, urine, spit), death threats, threat of torture.
Bodily mutilation MUTILATE Injured by having parts of body mutilated or damaged, specifying body part, (for example, genitals, fingernails, ears, hair, etc.) Includes amputation of body parts, breaking of bones, pulling out nails, hair or teeth, scalping.
Necklacing NECKLACING Injured in an attempted necklacing.
Other type of severe ill treatment OTHER All other types of severe ill treatment, describing method, and including strangling, drowning, spreading of disease.
Sexually assaulted or abused SEXUAL All forms of attack on a person using their gender or genitals as a weak point, for example rape by opposite sex, rape by same sex, gang rape, forced sexual acts (e.g. oral sex, simulating intercourse), introduction of objects or substances into vagina or rectum, sexual abuse using animals.
Injured in a shooting SHOOTING Injured by being shot with live bullets, gunshot, birdshot, buckshot, pellets, rubber bullet, specifying body part injured, if known.
Stabbed or hacked with a sharp object STABBING Injured with a sharp object, such as a knife, panga, axe, scissors, spear (including assegai).
Injured in a stoning STONING Person is injured by bricks or stones thrown at them.
Teargassed TEARGAS Severe injury caused by teargassing in a confined space (for example, tear gas in a prison van or packed hall).
Suffocated SUFFOCATE Injury or ill treatment by stopping someone from breathing, for example by drowning (head, whole body submerged), choking, strangling, stifling, throttling, teargassing, burying alive.
Unknown type of severe ill treatment UNKNOWN Severe ill treatment by methods that are unclear.
Injury involving a vehicle VEHICLE Injuries caused by being dragged behind, thrown out of, driven over, put in boot of a vehicle, specifying the vehicle (for example, car, train, truck, van, bakkie, Hippo, Casspir).
Illegal and forcible abduction ABDUCTION Forcibly and illegally taken away (for example, kidnapping), but found again, returned or released. It does not refer to detention or arrest (see associated violations).
Disappearance DISAPPEAR Forcibly and illegally taken away and is never seen again. It does not include cases where a person goes into exile and never returns. It does include people who have disappeared for unknown reasons (instead of abduction, they might have run away or been shot and buried). In this case, a finding will be made and the code will be left as it is, or changed to Killing if the person was killed, or found to be out of the mandate of the Commission.
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