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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


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TRC Final Report
Volume 5, Chapter 7

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 0Intruduction 2591 to 7Read
Subsection 1A general perspective on patterns of violence - Intentional military actions: "We were at war"2618 to 17 Read
Subsection 2Denial: the gap between authorities and followers 26418 to 22 Read
Subsection 3Denial: the gap between authorities and followers continued 26523 to 27 Read
Subsection 4What went wrong? “We made mistakes.” 26628 to 39 Read
Subsection 5Lack of discipline/restraint: “Us and them” 26940 to 44Read
Subsection 6The problem of perspectives 27145 to 50 Read
Subsection 7Third parties: the perspective of the Commission / Perpetrators as victims? 27351 to 55Read
Subsection 8Violence of the powerful and the powerless / Even-handedness 27456 to 60 Read
Subsection 9Explanantion of motives and causes27661 to 65 Read
Subsection 10Explanantion of motives and causes continued 27866 to 74 Read
Subsection 11Explanantion of motives and causes continued 28075 to 84 Read
Subsection 12Other explanations of motives 28385 to 87 Read
Subsection 13Other explanations of motives continued 28488 to 93 Read
Subsection 14Other explanations of motives continued 28594 to 100Read
Subsection 15Other explanations of motives continued 287101 to 106 Read
Subsection 16Other explanations of motives continued 289107 to 114 Read
Subsection 17Other explanations of motives continued 292115 123Read
Subsection 18Other explanations of motives continued 294124 to 128Read
Subsection 19Other explanations of motives continued 296129 to 133Read
Subsection 20Two neglected factors: Special organisations / Secrecy and silence 297134 to 139 Read
Subsection 21Two case examples: Torture and 'Mobs' 299140 to 146Read
Subsection 22Prevention of atrocities 302147 to 153 Read
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