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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 1

14:22Gideon Niewoudt is now on trial in the Port Elizabeth Supreme Court for murder. // The Motherwell bombing case: the state alleges that he was involved in the murder of other policemen. // At an inquest in 1993 into the murder of four other Eastern Cape activists, Niewoudt once again denied that he was ever involved in torturing the detainees. // Major Niewoudt also denied ever assaulting people in police custody during the 70s and 80s, despite the fact that a number of interdicts have been brought against him and his colleagues for alleged brutality.Full Transcript and References
15:01 At the sitting of the Truth Commission in Port Elizabeth next month Niewoudt may be further implicated in the torture of a young activist who was poisoned and then disappeared. Siphiwo Mtimkulu went missing in 1982, kept a diary of his interrogation and torture that will be submitted to the Commission. Niewoudt was one of his interrogators.Full Transcript and References
15:27Jacques, why should we believe this man, Joe Mamasela? // Mamasela has been cooperating with the Transvaal Attorney-General for several months now. He has given them invaluable information, he has made a full confession to them, and as a result of this confession they have launched a number of murder investigations into Pebco Three, and also into the murder of Fabian and Florence Ribeiro in 1985. And I believe that, because of Mamasela’s cooperation, they may arrest people involved in the Pebco Three murders very soon. He has been down to the Eastern Cape, he has been down with a team of policemen, they’ve restructured the events, he showed them the place where the three people were killed and I believe he has made a valuable contribution toward solving that murder. Full Transcript
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