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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 1

22:36Torture. How many times have you heard stories of South Africans who said they were tortured? And did you believe them? Well, this week the truth commissioners and the public had no doubts as they sat in silent anguish listening to testimonies of horror.Full Transcript
22:54Sinqokwana Malgas was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in the 1960s. After his release, he was detained frequently and tortured on each occasion. His son died in detention after police poured acid over him. // You have told us today that you were tortured many times in many different places. If you are able to, and it’s not too painful, could you describe some of that torture? What actually did they do to you? // There’s what they called the helicopter method of torturing. They suffocated me by pulling a mask over my face. With the helicopter method they put a stick behind your knees and you were hung upside down. Whilst this was happening you were suffocated. // It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Full Transcript and References
25:42Joe Jordan, now a member of the Eastern Cape Legislature was detained between 1986 and 1989. His back was damaged during torture by East London police. // The chap was there drinking beer, if I can estimate his weight it was between 90 and 110 kilograms. He stood on my back with his boots and he started jumping. He continued jumping and was the person who injured my back. He must have jumped at least three times and although I was tied up I could feel that something was wrong. // On Tuesday four former commissioners of police Generals Mike Geldenhuys, Johan Coetzee, Hennie de Wit and Johan van der Merwe issued a statement claiming detainees were always treated according to strict regulations.Full Transcript and References
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