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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 1

25:47Not all the stories told in East London were as well known as those of the Pebco Three and the Cradock Four, but their accounts were no less disturbing. Nohle Mohapi was Steve Biko’s secretary, her husband Mapetla was killed in police cells. // After the death of Mapetla I was full of hate. I was full of hatred that can never be accounted. I was hating anybody that was police, I hated them for the oppression, those were the people who were enforcing apartheid laws on us. They wanted us not to have rights, even the children. When you speak to them you have to tell them: these are the people who oppressed us. // Toni Lillian Mazwai’s son, Siphiwo Hamlet Mazwai, was killed by security forces in 1988, the police put restrictions on his funeral. // I was informed that my son was a well-trained guerrilla, so people that were to be at the funeral had to be limited to only 200. Only the reverend, we don’t want any freedom soldiers, no speeches. // Is it the police? // Yes, the ...moreFull Transcript and References
27:28The name Vlakplaas came up again on Wednesday. Sizwe Kondile was a young ANC activist who was arrested in June 1981. // Former Vlakplaas commander Dirk Coetzee said in 1989 that Kondile tried to escape and injured his head when he jumped through a window. // General Nick van Rensburg who obtained a court interdict against another Truth Commission witness this week ordered that Kondile be killed because the police could not afford another Steve Biko scandal. Kondile was taken to Komatipoort and burnt to death. // Dirk Coetzee testifies that they took him to this doctor, who said what I’ve already said about the Steve Biko case, that they took him to Komatipoort where they gave him poison drops, but he didn’t die immediately from this poison drops. So, somebody had to shoot him and then he died. Dirk Coetzee further goes on to say that when he died they put his body on a pile of wood with a tyre, near the Komatipoort river, its night, where it took them 9 hours to burn his body ...moreFull Transcript and References
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