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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 1

29:22But the Truth Commission is not a one sided process. Some of the witnesses this week were victims of the actions of liberation movements. Full Transcript
29:31Karl Weber had stopped off for a drink at the Highgate Hotel in East London on the first of May 1991. A man with a balaclava stormed into the room and opened fire with an AK47. Five people were killed and many injured. Weber lost his left arm and most use of his right arm. // My life was changed overnight, being a disabled person. It’s taken some time. One has to sort of accept … I have accepted it and I have to carry on with the daily routine of my life. It is not something that will be forgotten about and I think justice should be done. // But Webber still has faith in the Truth Commission. // I think this is the start of something new. I’ve got a lot of faith in it and some other people haven’t, and I think it’s a start of something new, it’s a beginning of something.Full Transcript and References
30:37On November 8, 1992 the King William’s Town golf club was attacked by four APLA guerrillas. Beth Savage was seriously injured and psychologically damaged, yet she believes the Truth Commission can facilitate the healing process in South Africa. // I would like to meet that man that threw the grenade in an attitude of forgiveness and hope that he could forgive me too, or for whatever reason. I would very much like to meet them. // In the same incident Bob Stanford was seriously wounded and had to undergo eight operations. He was also admitted to a mental institution and later barred from practicing as a lawyer. // I think that any amnesty application have to be given on their merits obviously. I’m not really a person to voice an opinion in this regard, but I wouldn’t object to them seeking amnesty, in the same way I wouldn’t object to people like Malan seeking amnesty now. I think they’re more or less on both sides of a boiling point and it boiled over and now thank ...moreFull Transcript and References
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