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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 9 of Episode 1

33:40Reliving the past was traumatic for most witnesses, but throughout the week there was a comforting hand to help them through the pain. // Mafu, we’ve been seeing you all week sitting in this chair with your hand on somebody’s shoulder. What was your role here in East London? // Max, I’ve been employed by the Commission as a counsellor for the victims. So, my task here was to make sure that when the victims give their testimony here the part that I’m taking is as simple or is as smooth as one try. We know it is not an easy thing for people to relate what has happened to them. It is very common for people to sort of repress whatever has happened with them in the past. So, the Commission now, here it is saying to the people, relieve what you have repressed so far. And it is not easy emotionally for people to relieve that. So, for me it was to sort of let them deal with those emotions, if they want to cry they must cry, all I was here for was to make sure if they cry they know ...moreFull Transcript and References
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