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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 12 of Episode 2

42:36On Sunday July 25 1993 at 7: 30 pm four men stormed into the St James Church in Kenilworth. They fired machine guns and threw hand grenades at the congregation of nearly 1000 people. This was one of a series of similar attacks by APLA in the early nineties. The attack lasted for about 30 seconds and resulted in 11 deaths, and 55 injuries. This week some survivors testified at the Commission.Full Transcript and References
43:08... When suddenly these doors just flung open and nobody could, I myself I couldn’t imagine it was a possible or imminent attack. I thought these guys were actually moving up the pews and trying to gun down each and every person. It was absolute horror. // Despite the unbelievably vicious nature of the attack the survivors preached forgiveness. // From my level as a human being, my personal level, I feel I have forgiven, and when I say I forgiven I bear no grudges against them. There is absolutely no bitterness within my heart towards them. // A member of our church, my own son who is now 26 years old and in his final year of training for the ministry, went on behalf of the church to the prison to speak to him, and to extend the church’s forgiveness to him and to hand him a bible and to assure him of our prayers.Full Transcript and References
44:13Thank you for staying with us. The Truth Commission moves to Gauteng tomorrow. We’ll be back next Sunday with a full overview of the week’s events. Goodnight.Full Transcript
44:21End creditsFull Transcript
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