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Special Report Transcript Episode 32, Section 3, Time 08:34

APLA as a unit, that is APLA head command, is shouldering responsibility of all the activities that took place since its inception in 1961 till the cut-off date that is May 1994 and those activities of course include ambushes on security forces, the police and the soldiers; attacks on police facilities like police stations or military facilities like camps, etcetera. And of course as a matter of fact I am going to shoulder responsibility, as the director of operations, of everything that happened when I was the commander including attacks on Lady Grey police station, attacks on St James Church and attacks on different farms across the country. I’m going to apply for amnesty for the Queenstown steak incident, steak bar, that is the place where a limpet mine went off; I’m going to apply for amnesty for an attack on a swimming pool somewhere in KwaZulu-Natal. I am even going to apply for amnesty on incidents including robberies. Robberies evokes negative feelings, but as a matter of fact during the armed struggle we had no logistical support and we had to form repossession units and repossession in our definition was that if you take from the rich then that thing is morally justifiable.

Notes: Letlapa Mphahlele (Director of Operations: APLA); Mphahlele aka ‘Happy’ Police photo, January 1993

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