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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 53

22:22Two right wingers killed Chris Hani in 1993, Janusz Walus and Clive-Derby Lewis. They are in jail for this murder, but now they want amnesty from the Truth Commission because they say they had a political motive. Their amnesty application is scheduled to start in Benoni on Tuesday. His killers say they killed him because he was a leading communist and MK leader. Indeed, Hani was probably among the top five people most hated by white South Africans. The apartheid state tried to kill him several times, but after his death even those who hated him came to appreciate that not only was he a communist and a fearless soldier, he was also a warm, pragmatic man and a deeply loved leader committed to lasting peace.Full Transcript and References
23:11There is a time to cry. I saw Chris Hani dead.Full Transcript
23:30Chris Hani, son of a Transkei migrant worker, Fort Hare University graduate at 19, a man who spoke with passion about both Shakespeare and socialism, a man whose coming of age at 21 involved skipping the country to join the exiled ANC. One of the very first to respond to the ANC’s call to arms in the early sixties, Chris Hani, the only young leader who could persuade the ANC’s armed mutineers in Angola to surrender and talk about their grievances, who at great risk constantly slipped in and out of South Africa in order to recruit and train eager young recruits. When he returned home in 1990 after 27 years Chris Hani was seen as both savior and Satan. For the National Party government he was still public enemy number one. // ‘… and I find myself making a long speech. You will pardon me because I think I’m overwhelmed by my coming back. I was born here, I grew up here, I was born in Cofimvaba, I love it…’ // For the African National Congress and the South African Communist ...moreFull Transcript
25:30I think people should remember Chris for what he said two days ago on television. He was at pains to describe stability, peace, cooperation and even said he doesn’t want to be polemical, we must be constructive. That is the Chris Hani who was now becoming dangerous in this country, because he’s talking peace. People wanted all the time the image of chief of staff to remain on him so that he must be a man of war, betrayed forever, but Chris died for peace. How shall we convince people about peace?Full Transcript
26:16In the past there have been a number of attempts to kill Comrade Chris. In Lesotho a bomb was placed under his car. Apart from that when the SADF conducted a raid there in 1982 one of their prime targets was Comrade Chris. Unfortunately, he was out of town on the day the raid happened and he had also moved house. And when we came back into the country there was an attempt on his life in 1992 about July of that year.Full Transcript
27:01Janusz Walus and Clive-Derby Lewis are in prison for life for Chris Hani’s murder. This coming week they will plead with the TRC for amnesty. // Those two murderers will have to explain where their authority came from to kill Comrade Chris and we are saying it is not enough to simply say I hate communism and because I hate communism I can go around killing communists. That is not enough, particularly not in this case where there is so much circumstantial evidence that points to a broad conspiracy.Full Transcript
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