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Special Report Transcript Episode 56, Section 2, Time 15:25

We are proud of what we did. We have no regret, it is unfortunate that people had to die, but it is not something that we are ashamed of that we did go to war. War by its very nature is evil and if there was another method of avoiding it we would have avoided it. So, we are not going to have difficulties in owning up robberies, we are not going to have difficulties, or personally I am not having difficulties in owning up St. James, King Williamstown Golf Club attack, attacks on farms etcetera.

Notes: Letlapa Mphahlele (Director of operations: APLA)

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TRC Final Report
Attacks on civilians 89. The Amnesty Committee received a total of thirty-two amnesty applications for attacks on civilians. Twenty-four people were killed in these attacks and 122 seriously injured . 90. Most of these attacks took place between 1991 and 1994 and formed part of the PAC’s ...
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