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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 61

26:02It is going to be a difficult decision for the Amnesty Committee, whichever way their decision goes it will be unpopular with some sections of our population. At this point it seems as if Walus has a better chance of getting amnesty than Derby-Lewis, even though Walus pulled the trigger. He has a good chance of convincing the Amnesty Committee that he thought he was acting within a mandate of the Conservative Party because he thought his co-conspirator Derby-Lewis represented the Party. Derby-Lewis will have more difficulty proving that the Conservative Party sanctioned the assassination and he cannot claim ignorance because he was on the Party’s executive. The Amnesty Committee has indicated in earlier findings that an amnesty applicant should do more than show a political motive; he has to prove that he acted under orders of a recognized political grouping or state organ, but this is just our speculation. This week Walus will give evidence. Join us next Sunday evening for a full ...moreFull Transcript
27:09End creditsFull Transcript
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