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Special Report Transcript Episode 64, Section 2, Time 01:52

‘The bomb went off at 6:25 last evening. It blew out the roof and western wall of number 7 Earls’ Court. The one unfortunate person was 24 year old Tsitsi Chiliza, born Marechera, a mother of two and a stenographer in the ministry of justice. Tsitsi Chiliza died instantly when the bomb went off in the ceiling above her bedroom. When her body was recovered it was so badly mutilated and burnt she was almost unrecognizable.’

Notes: Harare Zimbabwe, May 1987

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TRC Final Report TRC Victims
398 Dawid Fourie was also responsible for region 4 (Angola, Zambia and Tanzania), taking it over in 1988 from Meerholtz. Christo Nel handled the intelligence function while Ian Strange (aka Rodney) was also involved in this region. In terms of region 5 (European and International), Joseph ...
273 Over the Easter weekend in 1987, an operation to assassinate a senior member of MK’s Special Operations Unit, Mr Johannes Mnisi, failed. Instead, three Batswana citizens were killed and seven injured. Mnisi was believed by the security police to have been involved in the Church Street ...
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