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Special Report Transcript Episode 64, Section 2, Time 02:59

Zimbabwean activist, Jeremy Brickhill, is blown up with a car bomb. Today, these four men Barry Bawden, Michael Smith, Philip Conjwayoand Kevin Woods are still incarcerated in Zimbabwe’s Chikurubi Security Prison for sentences ranging from 25 years imprisonment to life, for murder and sabotage. The men all worked for the Civil Cooperation Bureau.

Notes: Harare, Zimbabwe, October 1987; Aftermath of explosion

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TRC Final Report TRC Victims
317 On 7 April and 13 October 1988 respectively, Mr Albie Sachs [KZN/JD/001/AM] and Ms Joan and Mr Jeremy Brickhill [KZN/JD/001/AM] were severely injured in separate car bomb explosions in Maputo and Harare. Both of these operations were undertaken by Special Forces covert operatives. Based on ...
398 Dawid Fourie was also responsible for region 4 (Angola, Zambia and Tanzania), taking it over in 1988 from Meerholtz. Christo Nel handled the intelligence function while Ian Strange (aka Rodney) was also involved in this region. In terms of region 5 (European and International), Joseph ...
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