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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 64

08:24At one of the first human rights violations hearings last year, self confessed police spy, Pat Hlongwane told the Commission how he was tortured by senior ANC officials. This is what he said.Full Transcript and References
08:37I still remember Mr. Nzo came there, presently a foreign minister of South Africa, Mr. Alfred Nzo. He also came there and I had the hope that he was going to help me, he also dealt with me physically. Full Transcript and References
08:52Now Pat Hlongwane has confessed that he was not telling the whole truth and has admitted that he was being used in a campaign to discredit certain ANC members of Parliament. When he returned from exile after 1990 he became the chairman of an organisation called the Returned Exiles Committee. He says this organisation was funded by Military Intelligence and he worked for the security police.Full Transcript
09:16Actually, it was a lie that I was tortured by ministers like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfred Nzo and it was also lies that I was tortured by the late Chris Hani and also the late Secretary-General of the ANC, Thomas Nkobi. So, those were lies, but also within my statement that I made, my statement was also based on truth that I was really tortured by the ANC. And I was in the ANC camps as an ANC prisoner. When we returned back from exile we were a group of 20 but from this group of 20 I just happened not to join the other people who joined the ANC, actually who rejoined the ANC. Then I decided to come down to KwaZulu-Natal and I stayed at Ulundi. And the time when we were at Ulundi, because that time we were actually almost nine, the former ANC detainees. So we stayed at Ulundi, and while we were at Ulundi we were visited by some senior police from Pretoria Headquarters. And there were some police from the security branch from [inaudible] and also from Durban. They told us ...moreFull Transcript and References
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