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Special Report Transcript Episode 64, Section 4, Time 16:08

There were soldiers all over, even on the bed where I was in the labour ward; the soldiers were surrounding my bed. My doctor, whom I remember very well, Dr. van der Walt, asked those soldiers to move away from the room because I cannot help this woman with you around. They were all men. They refused. Because I heard them talking over the radios and then afterwards they told a doctor that they should be there when I’m giving birth. They stood there … and I gave birth in their presence looking at me, laughing at me when I was having labour pains. I was like a joke to them.

Notes: Kate Serokolo (Detained 1978)

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TRC Victims
Was tortured, intimidated and sexually humiliated by members of the SAP while in detention in Pretoria Central prison in 1978 and 1979. Ms Seokolo had been arrested under the Terrorism Act in 1978 on suspicion that she harboured MK operatives
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