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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 64

25:08The Ngo hearing continue in Bloemfontein this coming week when all 23 implicated policemen are expected to testify. In the latest finding of the Amnesty Committee the issue of racially inspired murders has come under the spotlight once again. In a president setting ruling the Committee has granted amnesty to two right wingers who attacked a bus of black commuters, but refused amnesty to their leader.Full Transcript and References
25:33In October 1990 three men belonging to the right wing Orde Boerevolk attacked a bus of black commuters. Seven people were killed and 27 injured in this racially motivated attack. Piet Botha, Adriaan Smuts and Eugene Marais had executed the attack. They wanted to kill black people in revenge for an attack on white pedestrians on the Durban beach front by youths wearing APLA t-shirts earlier that day.Full Transcript and References
26:04Our purpose was also to show to the PAC and its communist allies that attacks of this kind would not be tolerated.Full Transcript
26:16In deciding for or against amnesty in this case, the Committee for the first time could not reach consensus. Judges Ngoepe, Mall and Wilson as well as Committee member de Jager held that the attack was an act associated with a political motive. They however said there was no evidence that the leader of the group, Piet Botha had acted on instructions or with approval of the AWB or the Orde Boerevolk. They said that the other two members of the cell had however acted on the instructions of Piet Botha. Amnesty was granted to Adriaan Smuts and Eugene Marais for the murders but refused to the leader, Piet Botha. One member of the Committee, Sisi Khampepe, however disagreed with her colleagues and said that Adriaan Smuts and Eugene Marais had done much more than just follow instructions from the cell leader. She also said that the attack was not proportionate to their aim. // ‘… The selection of the bus as a target was disproportionate.’Full Transcript
27:16Two weeks ago we reported on the amnesty application of convicted killer, Jack Menera. There seems to be some confusion about the finding in this matter. The Amnesty Committee granted him amnesty for the killing of Brandfort councillor Susan Phehlane but refused to give amnesty for his attempted murder of her son. He will now have to serve only six years of his ten year sentence. Full Transcript and References
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