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A listing of transcripts of the dialogue and narrative of this section.


The list provides the transcript, info about the text, and links to references contained in the text.

Special Report
Transcripts for Section 2 of Episode 67

16:40All the while Joyce and Sipho Mtimkulu remained calm and dignified, but obviously with anger in their hearts. // Do you hate Van Rensburg? // Terribly. I am hating him terribly. // And Niewoudt? // All of them.Full Transcript
17:06The attitude of the security policemen were probably best illustrated by Gideon Niewoudt’s lawyer, Francois van der Merwe, who moments after the crowd started weeping, uttered these words which were accidentally recorded. ‘It happened 15 years ago, and now they fucking cry for the first time.’Full Transcript
17:28I will agree that maybe I summarized the matter wrong, but I’m of the opinion that the whole situation is so emotionally charged that different people will get different messages from what is happening.Full Transcript
17:41Maybe the last words in the harrowing week of testimony belong to Joyce Mtimkulu, a mother whose son was broken by apartheid and then removed from the face of the earth. // I have not forgiven them. Why must I forgive them, when they don’t want to tell the truth? And the beauty part of this, they are not asking forgiveness from us, the people who have lost their beloved ones. They are asking forgiveness from the government. They did not do nothing to the government. What they did, they did to us.Full Transcript
18:40I want them to take me where they shot him and where his bones are. // Why do you want them to do that? // Because that will mean a lot to me, because I didn’t even see him. // So am I right in saying that you’ve still not made peace with your son’s death? // I have not yet. I wish I could, because it’s too long. We are also going to die. I admit dying, everybody is going to die. Even Niewoudt is going to die; Van Rensburg is going to die. Whoever, is going to die.Full Transcript
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