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Special Report Transcript Episode 67, Section 2, Time 03:17

The following evening, did you give the deceased some of these sleeping tablets? // That is so. // How did you do this? // It was in their coffee that I offered them. I put an overdose of the tablets in the coffee and I gave it to them to drink. // Did you collect branches and tree trunks? // Yes that is correct. // You and Mr. Van Rensburg, or was it you and Mr. Van Rensburg who carried them out? // Mr. Van Rensburg and I carried them out. // Did you then shoot Siphiwo Mtimkulu? // Yes, that is correct. // And the warrant officer for Topsy Madaka? // Yes, that is correct. // Van Rensburg shot the one person and you shot the other. // That is so your honour. // We placed them on the fire wood. We first put down a layer of fire wood and then we put the corpses on top of the fire wood. // During the course of the evening, on several occasions, you had to keep the fire going and put on more wood. And the next morning Captain Du Plessis and Mr. Niewoudt collected the remains. The next morning, did you gather the remains and throw these into the Fish River? // That is correct. // The same evening the two deceased’s vehicle was left on a border post in Lesotho.

Notes: TRC Testimony: Gideon Niewoudt ; Nic van Rensburg; Niewoudt; Van Rensburg; Van Rensburg; Niewoudt; Van Rensburg; Niewoudt

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