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Special Report Transcript Episode 67, Section 2, Time 05:30

I was very upset about that, looking at a man who pulled a trigger to kill my son. And there is no evidence they are giving that Siphiwo did … there was no reason for them to do that, I can say. They should have prosecuted Siphiwo. // No, no forgiveness at all. // Why not? // Because they killed my father … and I am feeling the most pain. // They are people of no description, not even evil. I can’t describe them; I haven’t got words to describe their cruelty. They are the people who must be taken out of the community; just throw them anywhere where you can keep them just by themselves. // They should die also. // Why do you say that, because this is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission? // Because they kill, so they must die also.

Notes: Joyce Mtimkulu; Sikhunbuzo Mtimkulu ; Reporter; Joyce Mtimkulu; Sikhunbuzo Mtimkulu

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