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Special Report Transcript Episode 67, Section 2, Time 07:14

My impression with great piety your honour, my impression was that he was extremely militant because of the conflict of the black ideology and the white really came to the fore. // He was a leader among the people involved in the schools unrest. He was also responsible for chasing pupils out of the schools, he together with another group, of the pupils who wished to attend school. // He was the contact to collect the pamphlets from the late Chris Hani, which had been drafted by the ANC in Lesotho. He just received the pamphlets with a purpose of distributing it here internally, in the country. // He was a speaker at all these meetings and where they incited the crowd to violence. In this regard I just wish to point out that the politicization was taking place openly, the incitement to violence was done in a subtle manner. And particularly after the meetings, groups who had already been instructed to do so then further incited the masses to violence.

Notes: Gideon Niewoudt; Hermanus du Plessis; Niewoudt ; Du Plessis

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