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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 67

19:26The ANC’s Women’s League nominee for deputy president of the ANC, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, appeared before the Truth Commission on Friday. It was a closed session because the Commission merely wanted information about the activities of her Mandela United Football Club, believed to have been responsible for abductions, murders, assaults and disappearances in 1988 and 1989. The Truth Commission has agreed to Madikizela-Mandela’s request to have a public hearing on 24 November. Some of the Football Club’s victims are dead or have disappeared, but one who survived is Thabiso Mono, friend of Stompie Seipei, who was stabbed to death by Football Club members. In the late 1980s Mono was a youth activist in Potchefstroom. The town got a bit hot for him and he fled to Soweto where he was taken to Methodist minister Paul Verryn and ended up staying in the Orlando West Mission House. The night of 28 December, 1988 became a night of terror for Thabiso Mono and three of his friends ...moreFull Transcript and References
20:32That night what happened, I was sitting in the dining room. It was myself and there was another friend of us, Dada, he’s staying in Soweto so he used to visit us and we were playing cards in there with Stompie. It was myself, Dada and Stompie playing cards in the dining room. So we heard a noise, somebody shouting. Come out! Come out! So we thought it’s maybe the police. So all of a sudden, there was a man with an army jacket. So he ordered us into a kitchen. So when we went into a kitchen we find there were two groups. So the other group was the people whom we stayed with and another group was a strange group, foreigners, so we didn’t know them. We only knew Xoliswa and Katiza; we only knew the two of them. So when we arrived there, Jerry – he was wearing a khaki overall – then he asked Xoliswa, who are they? So, Xoliswa said they are Thabiso, Pelo and Stompie and Kenny because he’s clever. So, that’s when they grabbed us and say let us go, go with us. So they take us ...moreFull Transcript
24:18They were singing there. The time when we were beaten up, they were singing freedom songs there. After a while she ordered someone to bring the sjambok. Then she started sjambokking us. Again, we were made to lie down being sjambokked by her.Full Transcript and References
24:43Jerry Richardson was the manager of the Mandela United Football Club. He gave his version of the assault two weeks ago. // We beat them up, man. You know, we have sjamboks at the kangaroo court, we have canes. We used every method that we knew, that would make them tell more truth than what they had told us. Stompie, to start with him, I lifted him together with Slash, not with Mrs. Mandela. Mrs. Mandela was sitting on the side. We lifted him from the roof height, we left him and he would hit the floor. I’m sure seven or eight times, up until we saw that he was near dying. Full Transcript
25:24The beatings to Stompie continued. It continued even when to us it stopped, but to Stompie it continued, because they said Stompie was an informer. So, I don’t know whether it was the first or New Year’s Eve, but between there, it was the day when Jerry comes to Stompie and said give me a piece of paper and a pen and said to Stompie, write your name and your address and we are taking you back home, so meaning they are taking him back to Parys. So it was for the last time that we saw Stompie.Full Transcript
26:07Last week we invited Thabiso Mono to our offices to come and watch for himself the programmes that were done on Winnie Mandela and the Mandela Football Club and verify some of the facts. // Basically I think they are telling the truth, Jerry is telling the truth about the assault and even Xoliso, Xoliso is telling the truth when she said that Mrs. Mandela started first with the beating, with fists. She’s the one who started first. So they are basically telling the truth. Yes, I feel that I deserved to know why I was assaulted, why I was abducted and assaulted. So I deserve to know why, those questions deserve answers as to why did that happen to me. So I still live with an unanswered question as to why it happened to me, so I want to know.Full Transcript
27:06Thabiso might get his answer when the TRC hears Mrs. Mandela and the amnesty applications of the Football Club members. Hopefully Stompie’s mother Joyce will also get answers to her questions.Full Transcript
27:20The death of Stompie really affected me, it affected me painfully, but after the arrival of the TRC and the fact that reconciliation must happen I became determined even when it affects me. Stompie’s death affects me greatly. What makes it affect me deeply is that Stompie’s peers are now working. Stompie could be working for me; he could have patched up where there are holes now. His peers who were with him in the struggle are now working for their mothers. They are now soldiers of the ANC. Full Transcript
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