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Special Report Transcript Episode 68, Section 2, Time 09:11

[Why did you feel it necessary to give evidence here today?] // First let’s put all the facts on the table and expose those who gave the orders. That’s where you start on the way to the top. Also out of sympathy with the families – I’d like to speak with them later. // Is it true that you have a need to sympathise with the families? // Yes, if it would help them, I understand their feelings and pain and their loss of family, because I am experiencing the same situation, though not as traumatic as theirs where there is no returning. // You say that Van Rensburg then called you to his office. // Yes, that’s right // And it was explained to you that two members of the security police and a former ANC member who were causing a problem for them. // That’s correct. // And Niewoudt said that it involved fraud and that cheques were being intercepted that were meant for trade unions and left wing organisations. // That is correct. // And that these cheques were being used for personal gain. // That is correct Your Honour. // Niewoudt also said that there was pressure to charge these members and they feared that when these members were charged they would reveal certain offences committed by the security police. // Yes, I understood that these members threatened to expose atrocities if they were charged. // You said General Van Rensburg asked if you could help them and you understood this meant that they had to be killed. // Yes, that is correct.

Notes: Schalk Hugo (Counsel for De Kock); Eugene de Kock

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