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Special Report Transcript Episode 68, Section 2, Time 13:48

I believe you feel bitter towards the generals and the politicians. You feel that you are in this position today because they sold you out. // Yes, I was also disillusioned. // Your relationship with the generals, Van Rensburg specifically, he is one of the generals, isn’t he? // Yes, at last we have a general here. // Who does what? // Who admits he was involved. // When you came to testify at Motherwell was it your attitude that you thought he would not admit to it and that he was another general escaping his responsibilities? That must have made you bitter and you are still bitter? // Not bitter, it made me sick. // Let’s not play with words. // I’m not playing with words, I mean what I say. I can speak Afrikaans.

Notes: Booysens; De Kock; Applause

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