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Special Report Transcript Episode 68, Section 2, Time 15:27

I want to make it clear that many of those who gave these orders have never had to live with the fact that they pulled the trigger. It is easy for them that the trigger was pulled, but to do it yourself to shoot the person yourself and then to go back and interact normally with society, is a struggle. I remember two, three occasions when Minister Vlok came to Vlakplaas. On one of these he came to thank C1, members from Soweto and Johannesburg for certain operations like the bombing of COSATU and Khotso House. I’ll never forget what he said that we, the police and the Afrikaner, will not surrender not in a thousand years. I remember a man saying the same thing in Germany in the 1940s. No member of the National Party including the former president who has now run away, could ever have gone to sleep believing that they were running the country with the support of the majority. Not at all. They were kept in power by the police, the army and the intelligence structures. There should be no doubt about that.

Notes: De Kock

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On 1 September 1988, Khotso House, the headquarters of the South African Council of Churches (SACC) and the UDF was damaged extensively by explosives set by members of the Security Branch. Twenty-three people were treated for shock. In October, Khanya House, the offices of the South African ...
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