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Special Report Transcript Episode 68, Section 2, Time 06:49

What is the basis of the security branch, why is it there? // It is for the protection of the government of the day Your Honour. // I believed in the government of that time and that I had to do everything in my power to protect that interest. Then there were statements by politicians and pressure for results from Headquarters. // You were a policeman; you were a policeman for many years. Your duty was to maintain law and order, is that right? // That is correct. // To in fact bring criminals to justice, not to yourself participate in criminal activity. // That is correct. // Through these perceptions of yours you were able to make the step, from maintaining law and order to criminal activity, just through these perceptions. // As I’ve said in that time and under those circumstances I believed it was the right way to combat the total onslaught.

Notes: Booysens; Niewoudt; Van Rensburg; Brian Ford; Van Rensburg

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