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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 68

53:49Before we go, let’s deal with Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s attack on this programme. This is what she said at a press conference in Johannesburg this week.Full Transcript
54:00In the light of the persistent campaign of disinformation by the media, the SABC in particular, the programme by one Max du Preez and notwithstanding the fact that the TRC is investigating these issues and notwithstanding further that we are in terms of the law not expected to deal with these issues outside the legal process. We feel compelled to address some of these issues.Full Transcript
54:38Well, our position is very simple. As regular viewers of this programme will know by now the Special Report on Truth and Reconciliation deals with human rights violations of the past. We have never and will never treat violations differently because a particular individual has been implicated. The allegations against Madikizela-Mandela are serious, especially because it involves the vicious assaults on young boys, and even murder. The parents of Stompie Seipei and Lolo Sono have pleaded with the Truth Commission for more information about the death of their children. We cannot treat these parents and these cases differently only because Madikizela-Mandela is a high profile person. Full Transcript
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